Why belching?

Burping is a physiological phenomenon. However, if you burp often in a place where there are four people, it will cause embarrassment for everyone. Especially in public places, some people open their mouths once a minute and say ‘Awww…….’ If they burp for a long time, they will act as if life is still in their body. It can make those around you dizzy. We consider belching as a sign that we have eaten to our satisfaction. But, what exactly is it?

What is belching?

Usually when we eat we swallow some air along with the food. It joins the stomach. Especially, when we eat hastily, when we eat while talking, when we are busy, when we drink aerated soft drinks, when we drink alcohol, when we chew gum, when we smoke, when we put betel nut, betel nut, tobacco and pan masala, when we drink coffee, milk, tea, water, we swallow air unconsciously. For some people this air is too much to swallow. This is called ‘Aerophagia’.

Newborn babies swallow air like this when they are breastfed. It is customary to pat the baby on the back to expel it.
Whatever the cause of the belching, the swallowed air has to come out of the stomach, right? Belching is the defense mechanism that nature has given us for this.

In short, this is the mechanism that opens a soda bottle.
If you want to know the explanation, we need to understand a little about the structure of our esophagus. Whatever we eat, whether it is good, bad, solid or liquid, goes from the mouth to the stomach through the three-quarter-foot-long (25 cm) esophagus. Composed of contractile ligaments, this organ begins in the middle of the throat. Located behind the larynx.

It hangs like a tube in the middle of the chest. Its base crosses the diaphragm and is about 4 cm. Extends and joins the beginning of the stomach. There are two doors (sphinctres) made of sphincters at the upper end and lower end of the esophagus, the door at the upper end prevents food from entering the trachea when we swallow. A door at the lower end prevents acid from the stomach from coming up and entering the esophagus.

This door acts as a boundary line between the esophagus and the stomach. Think of it as a soda bottle cap.
If there is too little air that we swallow with our food, it mixes with the digested food in the stomach and goes into the small intestine. If its quantity is high, it causes stomach ache. This causes the stomach to become salty. The more the air pressure in the stomach, the more it will find its way out. Asks the help of the diaphragm to ease its strain.

It also agrees and descends and compresses the stomach strongly. To compensate for this pressure, the stomach muscles all come together to push upwards. Unable to withstand this extreme pressure, the lower and upper doors of the esophagus are opened, and the stomach expels its air with a noise orally with the joy of ‘Daddy…the way has been found’. This is burping. We are the ones who open the lid of the soda bottle. The difference here is that the stomach itself makes it open.

How does it sound?

Well, burping makes noise, how? Didn’t we say that when air is forced upward from the stomach, it also opens the upper door of the esophagus? As this air presses on the larynx and the throat tissues adjacent to the upper door, the larynx rises; The vocal cords make noise. This sound is ‘awwwww…….’ A belching sound.

Burping once or twice a day is not a problem. If it comes frequently, it means that there is a stomach problem. It can also be a simple indigestion. It can also be the beginning of gastric ulcer, acidity, cancer etc. Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas may also be disordered. It is better to get checked by a doctor and get treatment.

What is the way to prevent it?

Do not sit down to eat while leaving for office. If you sit like that, you will eat hurriedly. At the same time, after eating, do the preparations for leaving for the office. The excitement will subside. Do not talk while eating; Don’t eat with anger and worry. Chew food with mouth closed. After swallowing the chew, the next bite should go in.

Avoid salty, spicy, salty, fatty, sour and oily foods as much as possible. Increase your intake of steamed foods. Soda and aerated bottled drinks should be strictly avoided. Avoid drinking these drinks mainly through a straw. Keep aside alcohol, tobacco, betel nut, betel nut and pan masala. Burping can only be avoided.

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