Physical symptoms of illness

Immediate examination and treatment of physical symptoms can prevent the damage from occurring. Do you know what to look for in the facts of the body? Our body is endowed with extraordinary powers. Some diseases can make us aware of the symptoms before they strike.

If you recognize the symptoms and get tested and treated immediately, you can avoid the damage. Do you know what to look for in the facts of the body?

* Do not ignore the fact that swelling in the leg occurs while traveling for a long time while sitting with legs dangling. It may be a sign of heart or kidney damage. It is better to do experiments for that.

* When waking up in the morning, some people’s faces are swollen. If it looks like that for a few days then there is no problem. If it is often swollen, it can be taken as a sign of kidney disease.

* Take note of excessive fatigue. It may be a manifestation of anemia or thyroid disease.

* If you suddenly lose weight without dieting, exercise, etc., it is better to consult a doctor. If you are affected by diabetes, cancer, tuberculosis, etc., there will be weight loss.

* If you get a headache every morning when you get out of bed, see a doctor and get your blood pressure checked.

* Weight loss, excessive thirst, frequent urination at night, sores that do not heal, can be a sign of diabetes.

* Frequent indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea and yellowing of urine can be symptoms of liver inflammation.

* In case of cracking of the feet, blackheads, etc., it can be realized that the bile has increased in the body. If the tip of the big toe or big toe is shrinking and occasionally painful with swelling, it may be a sign of gout.

* If there is body emaciation, facial shrinkage, it may be tuberculosis. Be aware that tuberculosis can occur even without a cough.

* If swelling is seen in front of the navel like the front of the apple, it can also be a sign of diabetes.

* During pregnancy, some women experience sudden swelling. They should seek medical advice immediately. Those women may have high blood pressure. They may also have premature births.

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