Navadaniyams.. the specialties in it..

Cereals should be included for healthy living. What are the characteristics of each grain? May I know… Both whole grains and small grains have medicinal properties. Such grain foods must be included to live well. What are the characteristics of each grain? May we know…


Rice with husk is called Paddy. We remove the husk and cook the rice as food. The rice is in circulation as pacharisi and parboiled rice. Bacharisi is rice that is pounded and used as it is. It is a good idea to thresh paddy properly. Tamarind is not easily digestible. Increases fat content. This causes obesity. Slimming people can eat tamarind. People with stomach related diseases should avoid bitter gourd. Boiled rice is good for health. Constipation does not occur if you eat it. Seeragachamba, like Champa rice, is capable of curing early rheumatism. Stimulates appetite. Impressive Champa rice is delicious to eat. But the bile will accumulate. Kundu champa, pepper champa, jasmine champa, manichampa, koraychampa, khatchampa, krunchampa etc. are full of medicinal properties.


Maize contains essential nutrients like protein, iron and calcium. Corn foods can give strength to the body. Reduces obesity. Treats stomach ulcers. Eliminates bad breath. Meanwhile corn meal is not suitable for hemorrhoids.


Black sesame has many medicinal properties. It is also rich in calcium. Hemorrhoids can be cured if sesame seeds are lightly fried and mixed with ghee. If equal amount of lemon juice is mixed with sesame oil and applied to the body and bathed, skin diseases will not approach.


Wheat has more nutrients than rice. North Indian people use wheat as a staple food. It is better to prepare and eat chapati without using oil and ghee. Wheat contains many nutrients like protein, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, niacin. It is the best food for people suffering from diabetes. Constipation does not occur if it is regularly included in the diet.


It is rich in protein, iron and calcium. It is good for women suffering from menstrual disorders to cook it and eat it. People who want to lose weight can also include it in their diet.


Chamai food is suitable for all age groups. It relieves constipation. Controls stomach related diseases. Good for male sperm production and elimination of impotence. Diabetics can also eat food prepared in samai.


Many people ate Kampanganji and Kampanjolam in ancient times. It can be consumed by lactating mothers. It has the property of increasing milk secretion. Increases physical strength. Wheat is rich in minerals and nutrients like protein, calcium and phosphorus. It is many times more nutritious food than rice. It also increases the digestive power. It also helps to keep the body temperature balanced. It also helps to dissolve bad fats and reduce obesity.


Sorghum is the most nutritious grain. It is also called ragi. It also contains protein, mineral salts, calcium, iron and vitamins. It helps in keeping the body temperature in balance. Strengthens the intestines. Diabetic patients can also eat a variety of dishes made from kelp. Ragi malt is a drink that is enjoyed by many people.


Barley is suitable for eating from children to old people. People who are affected by the disease can also eat it. It can be brewed as porridge and consumed. Helps to reduce excess water in the body. It also relieves body dryness. Prevents fever. People suffering from constipation can get relief if they eat barley. It also helps to balance the temperature. Heals intestinal ulcers. Relieves cough. Strengthens bones.

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