Computer and… eye damage…

Our eyes are affected while working on the computer. 85 percent of people who can use a computer have vision problems. In the world of science, computers have become the dominant force in any field. From selling products to obtaining certificates, everything happens online.

Due to this, there are more job opportunities for people who have studied computer education. Eyes are affected Not only engineering colleges but now computer education has place in all colleges. As a result, it has become an essential item not only in offices and industrial establishments but also in homes.

Our eyes are affected while working on the computer. 85 percent of people who can use a computer have vision problems. This problem is called Computer Vision Syndrom. This issue is a 21st century punishment for humanity. Knowing about Computer Vision Syndrome is now essential.

Symptoms The first symptom of computer vision syndrome is pain in the eyes. Then blurred vision, watery eyes, headaches are also early signs of peeping. Doctors say that neck pain and back pain are related to using our eyes while sitting in front of the computer.

There are many reasons for this. The main reason is that we blink often when we see normally. Blinking naturally decreases when staring at a computer screen. We usually blink 16 times per minute. While sitting in front of the computer and working, we blink only 5 or 6 times. It causes itchy eyes and dry eyes. Do not touch the eyes directly.

To prevent this problem of computer vision syndrome, the computer monitor should be lowered first. The center of the computer monitor should be 5-6 inches below the direct line of sight. Do not get directly into the eyes.

Also don’t let the outside air go through a fan or AC when you are sitting. A.C. The humidity in the air in the room is low. Blinking while working on the computer can sometimes become difficult. Then close the eyes for a while and roll the eyes inside the lids. Light-Controlling Glasses Glasses that control the light reflected by the monitor should be worn when working at the computer. Contact lens wearers should also use it.

Above 40 years of age, a defect called white writing may occur. The glasses they wear should be lenses that control the light reflected on the monitor. It is better if the monitor is flat. Black text and images on the monitor’s white screen are good for the eyes.

You should set the font on the computer screen to be 3 times larger than the smallest font that you can normally see. The brightness of the computer screen should not be so bright that the eyes should not be at least 20 inches away from the monitor.

Eye pain Muscles in the eyes become tight when the eyelids do not move as much as they should. This causes pain in the eyes. So you should get up from the computer and walk a little distance to give your eyes a rest at regular intervals. Light from overhead or windows should not fall directly into your eyes. If that happens, it should be covered immediately. Turn off the lights that bother you.

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