Medicinal properties of musk turmeric!

There are many types of turmeric like Varali Turmeric, Kari Turmeric, Kasturi Turmeric. As it heats the skin and removes germs, turmeric is a great remedy for various skin related problems. 

Various creams available in the shops also contain musk turmeric. Turmeric is used not only as a cosmetic but also as a remedy for indigestion.

Applying Kasturi Turmeric while taking a bath daily will cure large ulcers, scabies etc. Its aroma can make tired people feel energetic. Put 50 grams of Kasturi turmeric powder in one liter of ghee or coconut oil, boil and filter. Applying this oil on sores acts as an excellent antiseptic and cures unhealed wounds, bilious eruptions, rashes and scabies. It also acts as a pain reliever.

A bath powder called ‘Panjakalpam’ made by mixing pepper, mustard seeds, neem seeds and turmeric can be used. Skin problem does not occur.
Musk turmeric powder mixed with onion juice and applied on lumps will break the lumps. If you grind and heat musk turmeric and apply it on the affected area, inflammation and pain will be reduced. If you mix musk turmeric with alfalfa, chichilik tuber, fennel tuber, rose petal, saffron, vetiver, willow tree root, sandalwood, make a powder and rub it in bath daily, it will treat rashes, rashes, scabies etc. Removes skin diseases, sweat odor, unwanted hair etc. The skin is soft. Pimples and sweat glands disappear.

Kasturi Turmeric is used for nasal ailments, colic stomachaches, tumors, and rheumatism, just like it is used for bruised pains. Also, it is used to make aromatic perfume powders and added to bath lotions. Some of the young women have facial hair on the top like men. To get rid of this, powdering musk turmeric or washing it on the face after bathing will prevent hair growth. 

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