Get used to sleeping without a pillow!

You can count the number of people who sleep without a pillow. Because here we have been using it as our tradition to sleep with a pillow. Still others have the habit of sleeping with two pillows for the head. Still others have a pillow for sleeping, such as one pillow for the leg and a pillow for hugging the side. Let’s find out how much health we get from sleeping without such a pillow.


For those who sleep without a pillow, the cord is lighter in its normal position. Due to this, body pain and spinal cord problems do not even occur. Using a high pillow can make the bed unstable. This will affect the spinal cord. Sleeping without a pillow will also prevent shoulder and neck pain. Sleeping without a pillow can straighten the bones of the body.


People who sleep without a pillow don’t get wrinkles.

Shoulder problem

When sleeping without a pillow, some people sleep straight up. A soft pillow is best for them. It protects against neck, head and shoulder problems. Some people have a habit of sleeping on one side. For them, sleeping with a thick pillow can create balance between the shoulders and legs.

Hip Pain

A flat pillow is best for slouching sleepers. It helps in keeping our head position comfortable and also relieves back and hip pain. But sleeping without a pillow can ward off diseases. Some doctors recommend sleeping with a pillow. They can only sleep with a pillow.

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