Four foods that enrich the brain!

“The brain is a vital organ that runs in our body. This organ is the main cause of all the functions in our body. It is the central organ of the nervous system. Through this, it not only directs the senses in our body, but also controls its nervous system for receiving information, sending instructions, and thinking. 

The foods we eat should not only be healthy but they should also be a balanced diet. Only then will it help not only our body but also our brain to function healthily.

It is important that we consider the importance of overall brain function and development. The food we eat is very important for that. Cognitive development of the brain is affected by many factors. Nutrition is considered the most essential of them. The reason is that there is a close connection between healthy eating and brain development,” says food consultant Rithika Samadhar. Rithika advises people of all ages, from young to old, to include four key foods in their diet to improve their brain health.


As Indians we have been eating almonds for countless years. The reason is the health benefits and nutrients it contains. From grandmothers to mothers, the only advice they mention from the time we are children to today is to eat almonds. The main reason for this is to increase brain performance and memory.

Although this belief has been passed down from generation to generation, medical studies have proven that regular consumption of almonds not only increases the efficiency of our brain but also improves the performance of our nervous system. So everyone, including growing children, working people and the elderly, should strictly follow the consumption of a handful of almonds every day.


Berries include strawberries, black berries, blueberries, and all berries. The antioxidants and vitamin C in it can improve one’s cognition and their motor skills. The natural plant pigments in it help to increase the metabolism in plants and memory. The brain is vulnerable to oxidative stress due to the lack of antioxidant defenses. These berries play an important role in preventing it. So it is very important to include these delicious seasonal fruits in the diet of everyone in the family.

Spinach and green vegetables

Right from our childhood, we are advised by parents to include spinach and green vegetables in our diet. If one includes some type of greens in their diet daily it will help them to stay young forever. Age is just a number. However, many people want to look younger as they age. For that they use various makeup tools. Instead,
you can add a green leaf to your diet.

When it comes to spinach, we can include spinach, lettuce, kale, collards, etc. Green vegetables are especially good for the elderly. It is rich in nutrients like folate, phylloquinone, nitrate, lutein, tacopherol, kaempferol. All of these can improve cognition by eliminating age-related
changes and fatigue in the body.


Turmeric is one of the most important spices in our kitchen. A dish without turmeric never leaves an Indian kitchen. All states in India use turmeric as a staple in their diet. It is rich in the chemical curcumin. It is very essential for our body to function efficiently. As turmeric is antiseptic, it is capable of protecting not only our body but also our skin.

No matter what we cook with turmeric in our daily food, they do not give our body the required energy. This means that its chemical substance is not consumed in large quantities in our blood. At the same time, when we eat turmeric mixed with milk, the nutrients in them are available to our body. It has been found in the study that curcumin is added to our body when we drink it with some pepper.

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